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 Günter Schmidt-Klör    Painter & Sculptor


Date of Birth October 18, 1946


1964 - 1970 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg


1965 - 1968 Study visits, in Prague, Rome, Vienna, Paris, New York

1970 - Graduation


1971 Start of work as a freelance artist


1985 Establishment of a lithography atelier for traditional techniques


1995 Establishment of a studio atelier for large sculptures and monumental paintings


1997 Commissioned work by the Union IG Metall of Nuremberg for the creation of a 3 meter           tall figurative bronze sculpture "The Precursor" near the Germanic National Museum. A           relief wall on the subject of "Flight and Expulsion" was also created.


1998  Commissioned work for the design and creation of a fountain on Stresemannplatz in              Nuremberg, bronze and sandstone


2002  Relocation of the artist´s atelier to Gellertstrasse in Nuremberg

2004  Exihibtion Galerie im Lenbachhaus Germany

2009  Exhibition Kunsthalle Nuremberg Germany


2010  Start of work on the sculptural group "Delegation"


2015  Exhibition of the "Delegation" at the Triennale in Bad Ragaz Switzerland

2016  Exhibition The Line London Canvas Art

2017  International Art Fair Rome

2018  Kunst-Villa Nuremberg Germany

2023 17-19.11 und 24.-26.11.2023 Palaisqurtier DenBosch NL 

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